Stage Curtains, Theatre Drapes and Fire Safety

Stage Curtains, Theatre Drapes and Fire Safety

Stage curtains and theatre drapes are typically made for flame retardant or fire resistant fabrics like wool or inherently flame retarded polyester.

In Australia, theatre and stage curtains that will be used in public areas like theatre, concert halls or in schools must pass stringent fire safety tests and be certified to comply with Australian Standards 1530 parts 2 and 3.

Stage Curtains

When planning the installation of theatre curtains and stage drapes in your venue, you should only consult with experienced installers who have done many similar projects.

If your stage curtains are not inherently flame retarded (IFR) meaning that the fibres of the fabric itself will not burn under normal conditions, you must make sure that your drapes are treated with some sort of flame retardant (FR).

Wool serge theatre fabric is often used for stage drapes and theatre curtains.  This material is naturally and inherently flame retarded, so it will not burn under normal conditions.  The fabric not only looks good, but it is incredibly hard wearing.

Velvet is often used in stage curtains.  In the old days, this beautiful fabric was made exclusively of cotton and needed to be treated with flame retardant chemicals to meet modern fire codes.  However, recent innovations if fabric technology have allowed beautiful looking stage velvet to be made from inherently flame retarded polyester.  This fabric does not need to be treated with flame retardant chemicals.

One important thing to keep in mind is that any fabric that is treated with chemicals must not be washed or else the fire retardant chemicals will be removed.  In the case such stage curtains are washed or if they simply get wet, you should plan  to have them retreated with the necessary flame retardant chemicals in order to meet the local Australian fire codes.

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